[WMSCOG] Bible Seminar 2018 ‘Arise and Shine’

“Arise & Shine 2018 International Bible Seminar” Held by the Church of God



Bible Seminar 2018 ‘Arise and Shine’

Arise and Shine bible seminar 2018

‘Arise & Shine’ International Bible Seminar by World Mission Society Church of God (General Pastor Joo Cheol Kim) was held in the Jerusalem Temple in Pangyo, Bundang on November 1, 2018. The speakers of the seminar were seven specialists from U.S., Spain, Peru, Philippine, Mexico, and South Africa.

About 2,500 people, including 140 foreigners who visited Korea from 25 countries around the world, the members of the Church of God, and people from all walks of life attended the seminar, showing a lot of enthusiasm for the seminar.

Joo-Cheol Kim, opening the seminar, said, “The purpose of today’s seminar is to let all people know the true Savior and lead them to the way of salvation.” “Getting rid of the yoke of the weight of life, I hope you have a beautiful change in your life through this seminar,” said he.

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