What is the Seal of God For?

Until now we have been studying about many aspects about the seal of God such as when, where, what, and how. Today we are going to find out the reason why we should receive the seal of god. Why is it necessary for us to receive the seal of God?

The Seal of God, Protection from the Disasters

Let us go back to the prophecy about the seal of God and find out the reason.

Revelation 7:1 After this I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding back the four winds of the earth to prevent any wind from blowing on the land or on the sea or on any tree. 2 Then I saw another angel coming up from the east, having the seal of the living God. He called out in a loud voice to the four angels who had been given power to harm the land and the sea: 3 “Do not harm the land or the sea or the trees until we put a seal on the foreheads of the servants of our God.”

As we have already seen in the previous articles, God starts the work of putting the seal right after World War II. God commanded angels to hold the winds (or wars) back from the four corners of the earth. During the time between the cessation and the release of the winds, or, in other words, between World War II and World War III, God starts the work of putting the seal of the forehead of the chosen people of God.

Seal of God

According to the bible, World War II is not over yet. It has been held back temporarily by the commands of God.  When the appointed time comes, angels who are holding the war back will let go the four winds from the four corners of the earth. That would be the day of the great disasters and destruction that could “harm the land and the sea and the trees”.

World War III, the Last Disaster

When the winds are released again from the four corners of the earth, it means another World War, that is, World War III. And this war has power to destroy everything on this earth (“the land and the sea and the trees”). Then what is the reason God is putting his name (or seal) on the foreheads of his chosen people? It is because God wants to protect them from the last disasters that will come upon the earth.

By putting the seal, God is claiming ownership for the people who have his name on the forehead. And God would give protection to them and give salvation to them from the disasters. Just as the bible prophesies that there would be no other way to save ourselves from the last disasters except for the seal of God.

The Seal of God, the Only Way of Salvation

Prophet Amos wrote about this:

Amos 9:1 Bring them down on the heads of all the people; those who are left I will kill with the sword. Not one will get away, none will escape. 2 Though they dig down to the depths below, from there my hand will take them. Though they climb up to the heavens above, from there I will bring them down. 3 Though they hide themselves on the top of Carmel, there I will hunt them down and seize them. Though they hide from my eyes at the bottom of the sea,   there I will command the serpent to bite them. 4 Though they are driven into exile by their enemies, there I will command the sword to slay them. “I will keep my eye on them for harm and not for good.”

Amos prophesied about the last disasters and he also foresaw what people would do to escape from the disasters. Just as he prophesied a long time ago, today people are devising their own way to protect themselves from the disasters. Some are building underground cities; or other making spaceships to go out into the space; still others building the submarines or making a city under the sea. But Amos foretold that whatever people do would be useless and they cannot escape. The only way for us to be protected from the disasters is receiving the seal of God.

Seal of God

The Israelites could be protected from the tenth plague, the plague of the firstborns and they could be set free from the slavery. It was because they received the seal of God by keeping the Passover.

The Passover, the Seal of God

As we already know, the Passover was the seal of God we have to receive for the protection. Then is the Passover the true seal of God giving us the protection from the disasters? Let us find answer for this question. Let us first take a look at the very first Passover people kept in the time of Egyptian slavery.

At the time, God sent Moses to Pharaoh and commanded him to set the Israel people free from the slavery. However, the Pharaoh did not listen, and as a result, God sent ten plagues in the land of Egypt. The last one was the plague of the firstborns. At this moment, God commanded the Israel people to keep the Passover.

Exodus 12:10 10 Do not leave any of it till morning; if some is left till morning, you must burn it. 11 This is how you are to eat it: with your cloak tucked into your belt, your sandals on your feet and your staff in your hand. Eat it in haste; it is the Lord’s Passover. 12 “On that same night I will pass through Egypt and strike down every firstborn of both people and animals, and I will bring judgment on all the gods of Egypt. I am the Lord. 13 The blood will be a sign for you on the houses where you are, and when I see the blood, I will pass over you. No destructive plague will touch you when I strike Egypt.

The Passover, the Seal of Protection

The promise of God for the Passover was the protection from the disaster of the firstborns. The blood of the Passover lambs on the door frames became the seal of protection and God’s people could be protected from the last plague and they could be set free from the slavery of Egypt. The Passover was the seal of God which protected God’s people from the plagues. The name “Passover” itself means that something “passes over”. It means the plagues and disasters would pass over the ones who keep the ceremony.

We can confirm this through the history of the Israel. At the time of King Hezekiah, the king of Judah, the Assyrians were marching against the land of Israel. In those days, the land was divided into two kingdoms: Southern Judah and Northern Israel. King Hezekiah badly wanted to have protection from the war and sent his messengers to encourage people to keep the Passover to receive the seal of God.

2 Chronicles 30:1 Hezekiah sent word to all Israel and Judah and also wrote letters to Ephraim and Manasseh, inviting them to come to the temple of the Lord in Jerusalem and celebrate the Passover to the Lord, the God of Israel. 2 The king and his officials and the whole assembly in Jerusalem decided to celebrate the Passover in the second month. ….10 The couriers went from town to town in Ephraim and Manasseh, as far as Zebulun, but people scorned and ridiculed them. 11 Nevertheless, some from Asher, Manasseh and Zebulun humbled themselves and went to Jerusalem. 12 Also in Judah the hand of God was on the people to give them unity of mind to carry out what the king and his officials had ordered, following the word of the Lord.

The Seal of God in the History of Israel

The Fall of Samaria

When the king delivered the message, people of the northern Israel rejected it and did not keep the Passover. However, the people of Judah kept the Passover with a united mind. When the disaster came in the name of war, the fates of the two kingdoms were completely different. The kingdom of northern Israel got destroyed by the invasion of Assyria.

2 Kings 18:9  In King Hezekiah’s fourth year, which was the seventh year of Hoshea son of Elah king of Israel, Shalmaneser king of Assyria marched against Samaria and laid siege to it. 10 At the end of three years the Assyrians took it. So Samaria was captured in Hezekiah’s sixth year, which was the ninth year of Hoshea king of Israel. 11 The king of Assyria deported Israel to Assyria and settled them in Halah, in Gozan on the Habor River and in towns of the Medes.

After this the northern kingdom Israel got blotted out from the history and the land became inhabited by the Gentiles deported by the Assyrians. And the bible teaches us the reason of the fall of Samaria.

2 Kings 18:12 This happened because they had not obeyed the Lord their God, but had violated his covenant—all that Moses the servant of the Lord commanded. They neither listened to the commands nor carried them out.

Samaria fell and got destroyed because they did not keep the Passover. They rejected the seal of God and they could not receive the protection from the disaster.

God’s Protection of Judah

Then how about Judah who kept the Passover? After destroying Israel, now Assyrians marched against the land of Judah to destroy them too. But this time they could not succeed.

2 Kings 19:30 Once more a remnant of the kingdom of Judah will take root below and bear fruit above. 31 For out of Jerusalem will come a remnant, and out of Mount Zion a band of survivors. “The zeal of the Lord Almighty will accomplish this. 32 “Therefore this is what the Lord says concerning the king of Assyria: “‘He will not enter this city or shoot an arrow here. He will not come before it with shield or build a siege ramp against it. 33 By the way that he came he will return; he will not enter this city, declares the Lord. 34 I will defend this city and save it, for my sake and for the sake of David my servant.’”

The city of Jerusalem unlike Samaria was under the protection of God and God saved them from the disaster.

2 Kings 19:35 That night the angel of the Lord went out and put to death a hundred and eighty-five thousand in the Assyrian camp. When the people got up the next morning—there were all the dead bodies! 36 So Sennacherib king of Assyria broke camp and withdrew. He returned to Nineveh and stayed there.

God sent his angel and destroyed the Assyrian army. And the king had to break the siege and go back to his country.

Doomsday Bunker

Lesson From the Past

Historically, both of the nations came from the same forefather, that is, Abraham. And at first, they had the same kings until they got divided after Solomon. Both Israel and Judah were considered as the chosen people of God. Then what caused the difference in their fates in the time of disasters? It was the seal of God, the Passover.

The people of Judah who kept the Passover could receive the protection from the disasters because they receive the seal of God. However, the people of Israel who rejected the seal of God could not escape from the disaster and got destroyed. All these things are recorded as lesson for us.

Romans 15:4 For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.

Then what is the lesson we should learn from this history of Israel? Soon the great disaster will come and destroy everything on the face of the earth. God says that we cannot save ourselves when we are left to our own devices. Just like the people of Judah, we have to receive the seal of God by keeping the Passover. This is the only way for us to be protected from the last disasters.


Before the appointed time comes, let us return to God with a humble mind and keep the Passover. Then we can be under the protection of God and receive salvation. This is God’s message to us who are living in the last day just before the Day of Judgment.

Zephaniah 2:1 Gather together, gather yourselves together, you shameful nation, before the decree takes effect and that day passes like windblown chaff, before the Lord’s fierce anger comes upon you, before the day of the Lord’s wrath comes upon you. 3 Seek the Lord, all you humble of the land, you who do what he commands. Seek righteousness, seek humility; perhaps you will be sheltered on the day of the Lord’s anger.

Just as the prophet said, “Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to save them” on this great day of the LORD. Those who are humble must seek God and pray to God for the protection.

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48 thoughts on “What is the Seal of God For?

  • The Seal of God is the Passover of the new covenant.
    By keeping the Passover, we can be protected from disasters.
    Christ Ahnsahnghong restored the new covenant Passover which had been disappeared during the Dark Ages.
    Today, only the World Mission Society Church of God observes the Passover of the new covenant by following the teachings of Jesus.

  • If we get the seal of God, we can get the eternal life by keeping the Passover because God’s seal is Jesus himself.

  • Most of people like something testified under 6 principles. If you study bible deeply,you can find out Seal of God under 6 prinsples. Want to know and get salvation?? Pls look for Church of God near by yr location and find out seal of God !!

  • There are many prophecies in the bible about the last disasters and they all are happening now through out the world. The only way to escape this disaster is to recieve the Seal of God which is the New Covenant Passover!

    • The Bible foretold what to do for eternal salvation.
      The seal of God is God’s sincere promise for all of us.
      Truly, Christ Ahnsahnghong who restored the Passover must be our Savior!

  • God has prepared the Passover in order to protect His ppl right before disaster strikes. In a time of disaster like today, we must keep the New Covenant Passover, Seal of God restored by the second coming Christ, Ahnsahnghong.

  • Seal of God is being put for God’s people in order to save them from coming disaster.
    Please study to know about seal of God!

    • Amen! We daily hear the news of disasters happening around the world. Moreover, those disasters are unexpected so that we cannot escape from them. However, our God let us escape from unexpected disasters through the Passover, the seal of Gd. Thank to Father and Mother who made the way to be saved through the blessing of Passover. Let us keep the Passover so that we can escape from last disasters.

  • God’s is given to those who are chosen from God. We should be humble to God Almighty by keeping the words of God as they are exactly written in the Bible.

    • Right. In front of God, we cannot be arrogant. Because we are to be finished to death at the last time. You know what? We are not the good men sort of angels. We were definitely terrible sinners in heaven. That’s why God has come to us with a sinner’s cloth, in flesh. It’s not natural, cause God doesn’t need to if God doesn’t love as Parents of us. God has come with the seal of God to put on us. That’s the solution for the last disaters. And the sign of God’s children.

  • Many scientists warn disasters coming in the future, but don’t give the way to escape them. Fortunately the Bible gives the solution, that is the seal if God, the Passover. God’s promise is sure.

  • Nowdays i really fear of nature disasters such as earthquake, volcano, tsunami, fire and so on.
    Eventhough human’s technology is high above of the world but we can do nothing from the nature disasters.
    In this situation the only way of salvation is the seal of God.

  • Nowdays i really fear of nature disasters such as earthquake, volcano, tsunami, fire and so on.
    Eventhough human’s technology is high above of the world but we can do nothing from the nature disasters.
    In this situation the only way of salvation is the seal of God.

  • Many kinds of disasters happened nowdays. And many experts said terrible disasters will happen from in the coming future. But they could not make the salvation. But bible says that the salvation. That is passover.

  • People in the world will witness the genuine power of the Seal of God when the last disaster comes. All we need to do is to keep this precious mark on our foreheads so that it won’t be removed from them and share this good news with as many people as possible!

  • Bible prophesied about last disaster. If we believe in the prophecy about it, we have to prepare for it. God said it is passover.

  • Every day news say about disasters. Earthquakes,fire,hurricanes and tornados. When they happened nothing left. Nobody sure about safety. But God said he will save us when we keep passover. We believe his promise.

  • If we have to buy God’s seal to be protected from the last disaster, how much should we pay for it?
    Some people prepare their own way not to be faced a big disaster. However Nobody can avoid the last disaster which was prophecied in Bible through man’s way. But, God allowed us the only way(God’s seal-Passover) to be protected from the last disaster without any cost. I give thanks to God for allowing me this blessing.

    • History in the Bible proves that Passover is the way to avoid disaster.
      We must prepare our final disaster in God’s ways.

    • Amen. Truly the seal of God is given as free gifts to those who believe God and keep his commands. Thanks to Father and Mother.

  • this is so true that no one can suggest the way to get salvation, though countless disasters are happening even at this time of a day. As God promised in the Bible, only through keeping the Passover the New Covenant, we can get redemption.

  • Nowadays, there are so many kind of disasters are occurring.
    However, just human’s way, cannot escape from the disasters.
    So God gave us very precious promise through the Passover.
    Whoever keep the Passover all the disasters will pass over us!
    I truly give thanks to our God Elohim for letting me to keep the Passover!

  • The only way that we can escape from the last disaster is receiving the seal of God! Let us keep the Passover so that we can receive the promise of protection from God, Elohim!

  • Are you sure that you can be saved against the last disaster? If you are sure that, do you have the Seal of God? If you have that, what is the Seal of God? Only those who have the Seal of God can be saved at the last day. The Seal of God is the Passover!! Only those who keep the Passover can be saved!! Let’s keep the Passover and get salvation! 🙂

  • God wants for all the people on this earth to keep the Passover which is the seal of salvation. So the gospel workers of the Church of God are preaching the Passover without a rest till the Judgement Day.

  • No matter how much people think about how to escape from all disasters, God knows all of their thoughts and plans because God created them. The reason God sends disasters is because they do not follow God’s commandments. Can anyone avoid them in God’s plan? No. If we follow and obey God’s commands and have God’s seal, we can escape from any kind of disaster. In order to receive God’s seal, we must keep the Passover. We don’t need to build a doomsday bunker or buy a super-luxury submarine to get out of disaster.

  • How blessed I am to know what the seal of God is. The Bible prophesies that there will be last war when the four angles release the winds. The only way to escape from the last disaster is to receive the seal of God.
    We can receive the seal of God on our foreheads when we keep the Passover of the New Covenant.
    It’s vital for the people who are living in the last age to receive the seal of God.
    I will do my best to spread the secret of the seal of God to the people of the world.

  • The last chance for salvation was given to us before the Last Judgment. For this chance, God was crucified shedding all his blood. Like a hourglass which only God knows the amount of the sand, the remaining time of this earth is passing by. The day of the last disaster will today sooner or later. Strange weather of nowadays is one of the sign for the last day’s coming, which is bringing other knock-on disasters. On the earth, there’s no way to escape from them, but we have only God’s way to save all those who believe the Savior, Christ Ahnsahnghong and heavenly Mother and keep the Passover.

  • The Passover of the new covenant that Jesus commanded us to keep, in this age we live in today, we must also keep the Passover of the new covenant.

  • The only way that we can escape from last disaster is receiving the promise of God. Let us come to our savior in this age, and receive the promise of God’s protection!

  • We can get the lesson from the past. Disasters cannot approach to God’s people who kept the Passover. It shows the importance of it. The Passover, God taught is the seal of God. It has power to pass over every disasters. How great power it is!! It is so amazing!!

  • We must not forget that there is always the message of God’s salvation before the disaster that God sends.
    God’s purpose is not to destroy mankind, but to find people who will hear and follow His voice.
    However, many people try to ignore God’s way because of the world’s affairs or because their thoughts and beliefs are different. So the Bible instructs us that we need absolute obedience

  • We can only escape the disaster in the last days and return to the heaven by keeping the New Covenant Passover. Amen!

  • In the Passover, God’s promises are kept unchanged from the Old Testament times to the New Testament times, and those promises will continue until the end of the world.
    Those who kept the Passover will receive the promise of God’s protection to protect them from various disasters that cannot be solved by human power.
    Also, those who keep the Passover will have the spiritual wisdom to properly distinguish between good and evil, so that they can serve only God, and receive the forgiveness of sins and the blessing of eternal life.
    I am truly grateful to Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother for allowing me to know exactly the meaning of the New Covenant Passover and keep it filled with such wonderful blessings of God.

  • We humans cannot know the next minute or even a second on our own, and we do not have the ability to choose between life and death. It is a pity that we do not believe in God while living in a fearful age where many disasters and calamities are occurring all over the world.
    We absolutely need the New Covenant Passover, the seal of God.
    The Passover, the seal of God, is an important feast that protects us with God’s power and contains the promise of eternal life and salvation.
    I hope that all mankind living on this earth will celebrate the Passover of the new covenant together, receive the seal of God, become one body with God, be protected from disasters, receive eternal life, and receive the blessing of salvation.

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