Spiritual Elijah Second Coming Christ

John the Baptist, Prophet Elijah

John the Baptist, Prophet Elijah Who Was To Come Elijah, Who Comes to Prepare the Way of God–Prophetically, there are many important figures in the Old Testament. And their lives in the past work as type to show us the Christ who would appear to complete the works of those figures spiritually. One of the Read more about John the Baptist, Prophet Elijah[…]

Mission of Elijah, Revealing God the Mother

Missions of Prophet Elijah

Missions of Prophet Elijah–Previously, we were looking at the time frame of the appearance of Prophet Elijah. In those days, God’s people, deceived by the false prophets of Baal and Asherah, forshook God. And they followed and worshiped gods of Sidonians Jezebel brought from the Gentile nation. In those days, because of the wrath of Read more about Missions of Prophet Elijah[…]