Last Christ Ahnsahnghong

David And the Last Christ Ahnsahnghong

To enter the kingdom of heaven, we must know and accept the Christ who would appear in our time. Let us study about Christ Ahnsahnghong who came as the prophetical David. About the Kingdom of Heaven Around us,  we can easily find out the people who claim to believe in God. Surprisingly, about 2 billion Read more about David And the Last Christ Ahnsahnghong[…]

King David and the Eternal Covenant

God’s Everlasting Covenant With King David–According to the Bible, God loved David so much, and He gave David a lot of blessings. More than anything else, today let us look at the eternal covenant God made with David. The Bible teaches us that this eternal covenant is the sign of David God gave us to Read more about King David and the Eternal Covenant[…]