Adam and Eve- What is the meaning of the creation of Adam and Eve?

Adam And Eve

Adam and Eve–The Book of Genesis tells about the creation work of God. From the creation of the light on Day 1 to the creation of the mankind dn Day 6, the book describes about the all the things created by God during the Six-Day Creation. Among the many of the creations, today let us Read more about Adam And Eve[…]

Heavenly Wedding Banquet

The Parable Of The Heavenly Wedding Banquet

Heavenly Wedding Banquet–The Bible teaches us the spiritual world through many things. One of the ways is through a parable. God uses parables to reveal the secret of the kingdom of heaven only to the children of God. Matthew 13:10 The disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in Read more about The Parable Of The Heavenly Wedding Banquet[…]