Jerusalem Mother: God the Mother in the Bible

Those who believe in God have hope for the eternal life in heaven. Then how can we receive the eternal life? Many people have many different answers for this question. Today let us find the answer for this question through the bible so that we can know the will of God for eternal life.

God’s Promise of Eternal Life

God gave precious promise to the children of God. Therefore, God’s people are called the children of promise because they received God’s promise given only to the children.

Galatians 4:28 Now you, brothers and sisters, like Isaac, are children of promise.

Then what is the promise God gave to the people of God?

1 John 2:25 And this is what he promised us—eternal life.

God’s promise to the children is eternal life. God is our parents and as our Father God promised us “life”, but not physical, but spiritual, that is, eternal life in heaven. Therefore, as children of God, we are given this eternal life as promise. Then how can we receive this promise of eternal life? How can we be truly sure that we are the children of promise?

Jerusalem Mother

A mother is the one who gives life and love to the children. Through this physical mother, God is teaching us about the spiritual mother who gives us the spiritual life in heaven.

The Will of God in Giving Life to Children

To find out if we are truly the children of promise or not, we have to know the will of God for eternal life. Eternal life is spiritual and we cannot know the spiritual things because we are physical. However, the bible teaches that this physical was given as copy and shadow to teach us the invisible spiritual world. In other words, by looking at the physical world, we can understand the spiritual world.

Revelation 4;11 “You are worthy, our Lord and God, to receive glory and honor and power, for you created all things, and by your will they were created and have their being.”

The bible teaches that this physical earthly things were created according to the will of God. Therefore, by studying this physical world we can know the will of God hidden behind it. Then today let us think about life on this earth and find out the will of God in it.

All the living things on this earth-animals, fish, birds, human beings-are given life through mother. Without mother there is no life and no children because male cannot give birth to the children by himself. Then what is the will of God hidden in this life on this earth? What does God want to teach us through this life on this earth as copy and shadow? God wants to teach the spiritual life in heaven. A mother is the life-giver on this earth and all children receive their life through their mother. Likewise, God wants to show us how to receive eternal life. To receive the promise of God, eternal life as children of God, we must have also a spiritual mother who can give us the spiritual life, or eternal life. In short, we must have God the Mother.

Evidences of God the Mother in the Bible

God the Mother in the Creation of Man

“US” and “OUR”, the Plural Form of God

The will of God about life on this earth is that life must be given by a mother. Likewise, there should be a mother for the spiritual eternal life in heaven, that is, God the Mother. This may sound strange at first. However, this will of God is recorded in the bible since the creation of the world as secrets and mysteries. Now is the time for the secret of God the Mother to be revealed.

First, let us look at the creation of man in Genesis to find out God the Mother, the last mystery of God in the bible. In Genesis, we can see God creating the heavens and earth and everything in it. For this reason, we call God as Creator who has power to create all the things. However, not many people know that the Creator or God is not singular, but plural. In other words, God is not just God the Father alone.

Genesis 1:26 Then God said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,

The Creator God refers himself as “us” and “our”, rather than “me” or “my”. If God is just one, this does not make sense. Then why does God us the referents, “Us” or “Our”, instead of “Me” or “My”. This mystery can be explained through the title “Elohim” used to represent God in the Old Testament.

God Elohim and God the Mother

The title “Elohim” is used 2500 times to refer to God. Elohim in the Hebrew word is the plural form of “El” or “Eloah”, which means God. Therefore, Elohim means Gods, rather than God. Therefore, the verse above can be interpreted like this:

Genesis 1:26 Then Gods said, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness,

In this way, we can get rid of the grammatical ambiguity that confused people such a long time. However, in this interpretation of the bible, another question arises. God is one and therefore, God is God in the singular form, not Gods in the plural form. How should we understand this? The bottom line is that we do not know if God is singular or plural because we cannot see God. God is spiritual and we are physical. With our senses, we cannot perceive the spiritual world. Thefore, what we have to agree is that the common opinion that God is one and singular may not be true.

Then how can we know if God is one or two? The only way is through the bible because the bible was given to us so that we can glimpse into the spiritual world. According to the verse above, God created one thing to the image and likeness of God so that we can know the image of God through the creation. That is “mankind”. Therefore, by looking at the creation of the mankind, actually we can understand the invisible image of God.

God the Father and God the Mother

Genesis 1:27 So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

After the creation we can see the two images of mankind: male and female. Through these two images we can know the images of God because these are the reflections of God’s images. Through the creation of mankind, we can conclude that God exists in the two images too, that is, male and female. We have known this male image of God and called him God the Father. Then what should we call this female image of God who was working together in the creation of man? We have to call her “God the Mother”?

Here we can see the existence of God the Mother through the bible? Now I would like to prove the existence of God the Mother through other evidences of the bible.

Jerusalem Mother

God created Eve through the flesh and blood of Adam as the last creation work in the Six-Day Creation. What is the will of God creating Eve in the last day of creation?

The Creation of Adam & Eve and God the Mother

Adam, the Second Coming Christ

The first man and woman created by God Elohim were Adam and Eve. As we have seen above, the Book of Revelation says that everything was created by the will of God. Then what was the will of God in creating Adam and Eve?

Romans 5:14 Nevertheless, death reigned from the time of Adam to the time of Moses, even over those who did not sin by breaking a command, as did Adam, who is a pattern of the one to come.

The bible teaches that God created Adam as pattern of “the one to come”. Then who is the one to come in the bible? It is the second coming Christ who would come to this earth in the last days. (Revelation 22:20) So God created Adam to teach us about the Christ who was to come in the last days.

Eve, the Bride of the Christ

Then what is the will of God in creating Eve, the wife of Adam? The bible teaches that God created Eve as helper of Adam. (Genesis 2:18) Then what kind of help could Eve give Adam? Adam could do all the work in the Garden of Eden by himself. However, there was one thing that he could not do by himself, that is, giving life to the children. The role of giving life was given to woman, that is, Eve. This was the will of God.

Genesis 3:20  Adam named his wife Eve (which means “life”), because she would become the mother of all the living.

Eve means “life” in the bible. (Genesis 3:20 footnote) Through this Eve in the Garden of Eden as copy and shadow, God is teaching us the last Eve who will appear in the last days to give eternal life to the children. The bible teaches that the last Adam (the second coming Christ) would appear with his wife, that is, the last Eve (the wife of the Christ). Eve was the source of life in the Garden of Eden. Likewise, the last Eve will be the source of the eternal life to the children of God who would inherit the kingdom of heaven.


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57 thoughts on “Jerusalem Mother: God the Mother in the Bible

  • No life without Mother.
    In the same way, no eternal life without God the Mother.
    The Bible clearly testifies about the existence of God the Mother as well as God the Father.

    • Yes~ I agree with you.
      Absolutley, We need God the Mother for our Salvation.
      God the Mother is our eternal life-giver.

  • Our Heavenly Mother is hidden secret in the Bible.
    I was so surprised when I found our Heavenly Mother from the Bible and could feel that our Mother’s love and her sacrifice.
    I really give thanks to our Heavenly Father and Mother for allowing me to be a their child.

  • Even thru us, the copies of God, we can understand the invisible God ,the original pattern of human beings. Just as human fathers and human mothers exist, God the Father and God the Mother surely exist.

  • God created mothers to give life. To receive eternal life, we must come to our Heavenly Mother. When we receive eternal life, we will live in heaven forever.

  • God’s plan is great and wonderful. God shows us God’s image thru us, man and woman. We came to know God exists as male and female. Really amazing and certain.

  • Her existence is clearly recorded in the bible. We can’t never deny her and thanks for realizing God the mother.

  • When we see things created according to God will, we can clearly see the existence God the mother. It is so great and I can not be surprised.

  • When we see things created according to God will, we can clearly see the existence mother. It is so great and I can not be surprised.

  • It’s touching. As we are physical, we cannot know the spiritual things. But, we can understand it through the bible which God allowed us. The bible testified about the God the Mother. As physical mother give her children a life, Heavenly Mother give us a eternal life.

  • Yes, It is clear that there is God the Mother by teachings of the Bible. If there is only one; God the Father, God should have said ‘I will make man in my image, in my likeness’. But God didn’t say like that. So, It is definetly that God the Mother exists.

  • God the Mother is the way, truth and life through which we can go to kingdom of heaven.
    Let us God the Mother be all of our lives and

  • Among God’s creation, let’s think about living things. There must be a father and a mother to give birth to a living thing. It is the same with human beings. It is the mother’s role to carry a new life and give birth to it ultimately.
    This means that God exists as the male image and as the femaile image. Therefore, we must believe in not only God the Father but also God the Mother.

  • In order to be saved, we must know and receive God the Mother who is master key for salvation. Thanks to Heavenly Mother who allowing us to know about the secret of salvation.

  • I give thanks and glory to Elohim God who are Saviors in this Holy Spirit age.
    I’m so happy to meet God the Mother who allowing the way of eternal life to us.

  • Life is given to mother. It’s common senses. I thought about God the mother existence. If we truly exist God the Mother, we need to think about one’s religion again.

  • The only one who can unravel the mystery of the Bible is God Himself and the Bible prophesies that the Root of David would interpret all the mysteries of the Bible sealed for considerable time. This Root of David is the Second Coming Christ Ahnsahnghong, who revealed the last mystery of God, that is God the Mother. Without acknowledgment of God the Mother, no salvation, no life.

  • I think If we scrutinize God’s providence in creating man through the Bible, we can easily understand the existence of God the Mother who gives us the eternal life.

  • Since the creation of the world, God let us find out the existence of God the Mother. It means that we can find out heavenly Mother in the book of Genesis among 66 books. Because the history of the creation of the world was written in the book of Genesis, As u see the article, thr the creatures, the words “us, our” n Adam & Eve. all let us realize our God the Mother.

  • To move and breathe means that we receive life from mother. Like this, just as our body has life, our soul also has life. Spiritual life is given to our soul through Spiritual Mother who can give eternal life.

  • It is so profound that God created Adam and Eve to let us know who is an life-giver for our salvation. I truly realized that our heavenly mother is needed for my eternal life.

  • The love of Mother is so huge and warm. God made known to us Heavenly Mother which is the reality of love through the love of Mother in this earth. Thanks to God!

  • From Genesis to Revelation, the Bible tell us we have heavenly mother who give us eternal life. Try to confirm it.

  • We surely understand that otherwise there is no way to go to heaven
    Because without mother we don’t have life

  • From the beginning to the last page of the Bible, God showed us His own image as God the Father, the male image of God, and God the Mother, the female image of God. But God the Mother’s existence was hidden waiting for coming it’s own time to fulfill the prophecies and now is the time.

    • Do not forget that Jesus has come to the earth and opened the living way to eternal salvation by shedding his precious blood.
      According to Jesus’ promise, we’ll receive eternal life when we are faithful to his teachings of love.
      Jesus never gave us the teaching of ‘God the Mother’!!!

  • Science, Technology, Medical Science, Culture, and Art prove the existence and necessity of God the Mother.
    This is just to help people understand.
    From the beginning, Mother God existed before all of human science, history, and everything, and is an omnipotent Creator.

  • Bro and sis Jesus says I am only the truth way and life….. Don’t follow mother….this preaching comes from from spirit of error…2 Thessalonians 2:10-12 KJV
    And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness in them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. [11] And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: [12] That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness.

  • This article is very clear!
    We need Heavenly Mother to have eternal life.
    Because we are mortal being we must receive eternal life to go to Heaven.
    Let us believe in Heavenly Mother so that let us be a children of promise!!

  • When I heard the truth that there is God the Mother, I thought. ‘why?’ But I got a refreshing answer from my mother. who begot you? Of course it’s my mother. When God created us, why had God made women and men, and let women have children? It was done to make us know God the Mother. Even though it was true, it was hard to believe for me first time. But eventually, I came to understand that God the Mother as evidenced in the Bible is the Mother of my soul, I realized that I was a lost child, and I also realized that I had lost my mother. Now I am proud to be a child of God the Mother.

  • I think that those who have received God the Mother are the most blessed in this world!
    All of them are on their way to the everlasting world, where they will live forever.
    They will inherit the heavenly kingdom, reigning forever.
    This fantastic blessing is to be allowed to those who acknowledge the existence of God the Mother in through the Bible.
    The gospel of God the Mother’s coming will cover the whole world and the day will surely come when we start our first day in the angelic world!

  • Adam and Eve are the evidence that God the Mother exists not only God the Father. When God created man according to his image, he referred to himself as “Us or our”. Eve is a creature created following God’s image. It means there must be God who has female image. We have God the Mother. We are offspring of God the Mother. When we are recovered completely as her children, we will win Satan with Her. This is the last prophecy for us living in the last days, that is, our salvation. Christ Ahnsahnghong has revealed the truth of heavenly Mother, our best treasure.

  • I felt that I was so blessed to live the age of the Holy Spirit!
    While living this age, I’ve received Christ Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother as the Spirit and the Bride for the eternal world. I became a child of promise when I’ve received God the Mother, the well of the living water. And, to bless me with great blessing, Christ Ahnsahnghong has come in the flesh and invited me to Zion, where the water of life from God the Mother flows out. I hope to follow God the Mother that I’ll live forever in the kingdom of heaven.

  • The fact that the Bible was given us is so amazing thing! This is the close connection between God the Savior and us, who want to be saved. We can learn about the spiritual world and find out the way to the kingdom of heaven. Above all, we can meet the Spirit and the Bride, who are to appear with the living water in the age of the Holy Spirit. Christ Ahnsahnghong has come and revealed the truths of life which testify the existence of God the Mother. Unfortunately, many people have no idea that the Bible testifies to God the Mother. She will lead us to the glorious world, where we’ll live forever.

  • What should be done for ourselves while living on earth?
    Whom should we meet for the eternal happiness?
    Is it possible to live forever after the life in this world?
    Concerning these matters,the Bible gives the answer.
    Whoever meets God the Mother in the flesh will inherit the kingdom of God and live forever!
    God the Mother is the source of the eternal salvation.

  • Why do all creatures receive life from their mothers?
    To let us know the existence and importance of the role of Mother. We all receive life from our mother not only physically but spiritually. Since Mother is the only being who can give life. The Bible clearly testifies about our Mother from the beginning till the end. How can we deny the existence of our Mother? Without Mother, there is no life. Let us come to our spiritual Mother and receive eternal life.

  • Elohim God created everything. Everything has God’s will.
    Male implies the existence of God the Father. It shows that Female is the copy of the female image of God, God the Mother. From the beginning, we have spiritual “Parents”.
    I am so happy in Spiritual family.

  • There are so many evidences that God the Mother exists. Through lots of evidences in the Bible, I also realize that we can receive the eternal life through God the Mother!!

  • When God created a man, male and female were made in the image of God. God has two images. God is not only one bur two. From the beginning, there were God the Father and God the Mother. And only mother has the roleof giving life. Only God the Mother has this authority. We need God the Mother in these days.

  • God promised that we will be saved through God the Mother who has the authority of giving the water of life at the last days. Amen!

  • Heavenly Mother is the beginning of our soul and the source of all love and life in the world. Just as children cannot receive life without a mother in this world, so our souls cannot receive life without a heavenly Mother. I am truly grateful to God for allowing this heavenly sinner to understand and believe in Heavenly Mother, who appeared in these last days according to the prophecy of the Bible. I will trust and obey Heavenly Mother to the end of the world and become Heavenly Mother’s child.

  • How blessed I am to be with God the Mother, the source of eternal life!
    Nothing is more important than receiving eternal life while living in this world. Whatever we do, we have to face death at the end of our life. On that day, there’ll be no opportunity to do something for the salvation of our souls. Those who turn a deaf ear to the gospel of the new covenant will fail to enter the glorious kingdom of heaven. This is why I became a member of the WMSCOG.

  • God testifies to us that God the Mother exists through creature, including Adam and Eve.
    Let’s listen to God’s word and receive the salvation God has prepared for us!

  • The Bible is the book of the Savior who saves us.
    So 2000 years ago, when Jesus, the Savior, came,
    The Bible was also used by Jesus when he testified that he was God, the Savior.
    As such, according to the prophecy that He would come as the savior in this last age of the Holy Spirit, God the Mother came to this earth.
    I am truly grateful to be able to live as the children of Heavenly Mother who came to this world and saved us as the reality of the absolute love of mothers on this earth who value the lives of their children the most.

  • Amen. There must be God the Mother for the children of promise. The children of God the Mother can receive eternal life from the source of eternal life, our God the Mother. In this world, there is a place where we can meet our Heavenly Mother. It’s the World Mission Society Church of God. I hope everyone goes to Zion and meets Heavenly Mother!

  • The Bible is a precious book given to us by God to testify of the Savior.
    Through the evidence of the Bible, I learned and realized that in this last age of the Holy Spirit, Heavenly Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother came to this earth as the Spirit and the Bride.
    My life as a child of Heavenly Parents, Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother, is very peaceful and my heart is rich and full of gratitude.
    I sincerely hope that all people in the world will come to the Church of God (WMSCOG) and have this joy I felt and a sure hope for heaven.

  • The Church of God believes in God the Mother.
    However, people say, “Generally, churches believe in only God the Father, but the Church of God believes in both God the Father and God the Mother.
    Isn’t it a strange church? If you want to know God, you must know what the Bible teaches.
    The Prophet Hosea says, “Let us press on to acknowledge God.”
    Only then, can the Holy Spirit of the latter rain be poured down upon us.
    When we know God, we can love him. When we do not know God, we come to reject Him.

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