International Bible Seminar “Arise and Shine 2018”

International Bible Seminar “Arise and Shine 2018”

Kyunggi Daily 2018.11.01


7 scholars from the United States, Spain, Peru, Philippine, Mexico, and South Africa attended as speakers and they had a chance to prove the existence of God the Mother in terms of Science, Technology, Medical Science, Culture, and Art. About 2500 people including 140 overseas visitors from 25 countries, members of the church and many other people from various fields attended the seminar.

This is some passages from the paper:

The topic of the seminar was to prove the existence of God the Mother in terms of many different academic approaches. Until now most of the Christians knew God as God the Father only. However, the bible records God the Creator as plural “us” in Genesis. When God created mankind, God said, “Let us make man in our image and in our likeness” and God created “male and female in the image of God”. Also the last book of the bible Revelation teaches that God who gives the water of life to mankind is “the Spirit and the Bride”. (Revelation 22:17) As in “Our Father in heaven” (Matthew 6:9) and “But the Jerusalem that is Above is free and she is our mother,” the bible testifies about God the Father and God the Mother”.

Like this, to understand the existence of God the Mother—who most Christians have not been aware of even though she is testified all throughout the bible—through the scholastic approaches was something new and fresh to the Christians and even to the ordinary people.

The seminar was divided into three sections—Universal Principle and Paradigm, Science and Medical Science, Culture/Art and Technology.

God the Mother in the Bible

Those who attended the seminar said that the topic was more reliable by shedding light on God the Mother through the seminar and with various professional knowledge. Pablo Andreas, who is working in the field of AI in Chile said that he had more interest in the topic “AI and God the Mother”. Also, he said that this was a moment that provided a mile stone to mankind so that they could find the way to God, which is how all the people can share happiness and heaven.

One of the speakers of the seminar, Juan Carlos Marquez, who is working as district manager of the Red Cross in the city of La Carreta, Mexico said that “the most perfect woman in the world is a mother” and “she protects the baby with her own body and give life to the baby”. Likewise, God the Mother bears the children with love and sacrifice and give birth to them, protecting them and taking care of them. The most perfect being for the life-giving is not other than God the Mother”.


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23 thoughts on “International Bible Seminar “Arise and Shine 2018”

  • yes I think so. this seminar was like mile stone to find a right the existence of God the Mother is very important to me,in my life.

  • I agree on ‘The most perfect being is no other than God the Mother’ and i hope that the existence of ‘God the Mother’ will becomes a commonsense!

  • The Light of Truth about God ghe Mother who is the source of eternal life already started shining to all people and all nations. In the near time, the Glory of God the Mother will be filled to the whole world.?

  • What made them come to small country Korea?
    When you study the truth of the love and sacrifice of Mother God, you will learn humility and meekness on your own. And,to see God who lives with us and lives with us

  • Me too, I wanna join 2gether next time. there is no chance to go like the place. i’d like to. I’ve seen articles of some medias. thank you!!

  • I really wanted to participate in the seminar but I was sad because I could not go there. I am really glad that you posted it. :->

  • Science, Technology, Medical Science, Culture, and Art prove the existence and necessity of God the Mother.
    This is just to help people understand.
    From the beginning, Mother God existed before all of human science, history, and everything, and is an omnipotent Creator

  • Wow! It looks amazing! The existence of God the Mother was clearly testified in many ways. There are many evidence to prove God the Mother since it is really important matter for our salvation. Let us come to God the Mother, who is the source of water of life and receive the promised blessing from Her 🙂

  • That’s true. God the Mother is the most perfect being in the whole universe, indeed. I am so happy to read this news about many proofs of the existence of God the Mother in various filed. The key to eternal life lies in God the Mother. I hope everyone learns and knows about God the Mother so that they can receive the promise of eternal life. Once they feel the love of Mother, we will understand what true love is.

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