September 23, 2020

God the Father

Jerusalem Mother

Who Brings the Seal of God?

According to the bible, God is going to bring disasters to destroy everything on the earth in the last day. To protect God’s people from the disasters God put the seal of God on the foreheads of people of God…

Seal of God

What is the Seal of God For?

Until now we have been studying about many aspects about the seal of God such as when, where, what, and how. Today we are going to find out the reason why we should receive the seal of god….

Seal of God Time and Place

The Seal of God: Time and Place

The bible contains amazing prophecies about the history of the mankind. By looking at the prophecies and the fulfillments, we can realize that the human history is none other than God’s plan and the achievement….

Hidden Manna

What is the Seal of God?

In the previous article we have studied about the time and place for the Seal of God. God had the four angels at the four corners of the earth hold back the four winds (World War II). While they are ceasing the war temporarily, the seal of God is placed on the foreheads of the chosen people of God…