Mission of Elijah, Revealing God the Mother

Missions of Prophet Elijah

Missions of Prophet Elijah–Previously, we were looking at the time frame of the appearance of Prophet Elijah. In those days, God’s people, deceived by the false prophets of Baal and Asherah, forshook God. And they followed and worshiped gods of Sidonians Jezebel brought from the Gentile nation. In those days, because of the wrath of Read more about Missions of Prophet Elijah[…]

Prophet Elijah In The History of Israel

About Historical Elijah In the Old Testament Prophet Elijah in the History of Israel–As we have already studied in the example of Moses, the life and work of a figure in the Old Testament foreshadow the one who fulfill them spiritually in the New Testament. In that way, the bible testifies about the one to Read more about Prophet Elijah In The History of Israel[…]

Mission of Elijah, Revealing God the Mother

Ahnsahnghong Coming as Elijah

Second Coming Christ Coming As Elijah Christ Ahnsahnghong Coming As the Prophet Elijah–As we have seen in the story of Moses in the previous post, the Bible prophesies that Christ would appear as a prophet. 2000 years ago, Jesus came as a prophet like Moses to fulfill the prophecies. And another prophecy reveals that the Read more about Ahnsahnghong Coming as Elijah[…]

Moses and Jesus

Moses And Jesus

A Prophet Like Moses Moses Jesus Ahnsahnghong–The Bible is a book that teaches about Christ, the one who comes to give us salvation. John 5:39  You study the Scriptures diligently because you think that in them you have eternal life. These are the very Scriptures that testify about me, 40 yet you refuse to come Read more about Moses And Jesus[…]

Christ Ahnsahnghong That The Bible Testifies About

Christ Ahnsahnghong in the Bible Christ warned us about many false Christs who would appear in the last days. Therefore, we should have the ability to know and distinguish the true Christ out of many false ones. Then how can we recognize the true Christ? God gave us the Bible as a book through which Read more about Christ Ahnsahnghong That The Bible Testifies About[…]

Ahnsahnghong, the New Name of Christ

Spiritual Age of the Present Time?

God’s Works for our Salvation as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit WMSCOG New Name of Christ–Almighty God, who created the heaven and the earth by His word, worked as the Triune God (Trinity) for the salvation of humankind and sometimes worked in spirit, sometimes in the flesh. God gave the names of the Savior in Read more about Spiritual Age of the Present Time?[…]

WMSCOG fig tree

Christ Ahnsahnghong who fulfilled “The Parable of the Fig Tree”

[The Knowledge of God] Christ Ahnsahnghong Who Fulfilled the Prophecy of Fig Tree–Among many prophecies of the Second Coming Christ, let us think about ‘Christ Ahnsahnghong who fulfilled the parable of the fig tree.’ To understand Christ Ahnsahnghong, we must have the knowledge of God through the Bible. God spoke through Prophet Hosea, “My people Read more about Christ Ahnsahnghong who fulfilled “The Parable of the Fig Tree”[…]